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DEBATE: How to reduce inequality in higher education

 Is the government’s latest suggestion of forcing universities to interview disadvantaged
applicants and offer them places with lower entrance grades the right approach to tackle
eduactional inequality?  Have your say – VOTE NOW


DEBATE:  Drug decriminilisation in The UK

Kathy Gyngell of The Centre for Policy Studies and Robin Pollard of Youth RISE
argue for and against drug legalisation in The UK.  Have your say – VOTE NOW

This debate has now closed, but you can still view the results and both sides of the
argument here.

How can career advice for young people be improved?

TYA interviews Simon Hughes MP (Deputy Leader of The Liberal Democrats),
Sarah Wallbank (Founder of YES! Futures) and Chris Wilford (Policy Adviser
to The REC)

What happens to young offenders once they have served their convictions?

TYA interviews the Rt Hon David Miliband MP, the founder of User Voice,
Mark Johnson and Tom Sackvill – Catch22’s head of gang’s unit


Should schools do more to encourage entrepreneurship?

TYA interviews the business and enterprise minister Mark Prisk MP,
Stu Anderson of Shell LiveWIRE and Penny Ward of The Young
Entrepreneur Society

Cameron proposes cuts to housing benefits for under-25s

TYA interviews Kyle Thornton MSYP, Olly Neville of Young Independence,
Sam Coates of Young Greens and chief executive of Shelter, Campbell Robb


Riots One Year On: Have we done enough to prevent them happening again?

TYA interviews David Lammy MP, Tom Lawson of Leap Confronting Conflict
& Gavin Barwell MP


Will a minimum alcohol price stop young people from misusing alcohol?

TYA interviews Balance North East & Andrew Deans MSYP


Is the DWP’s Voluntary Work Experience scheme the right policy to follow?

TYA interviews Chris Grayling MP, Siobhan Benita, Teresa Pearce MP,
Gregg’s the bakers & Chris Wilford of REC


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