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Welcome to The Youth Agenda.  The Youth Agenda is an online magazine which provides debate and insight into how the political decisions being made today directly affect the lives of Britain’s young people.  The Youth Agenda provides opinion on current political issues from multiple stakeholders.  We only discuss issues which affect young people though.  You won’t find any irrelevant jargon on MP’s expenses or the Leveson inquiry!

The Youth Agenda is written for young people in Britain.  People who may have become disenchanted with today’s political landscape.  The people who feel sidelined.  The people who feel they don’t have a voice in the decisions affecting their lives.

The Youth Agenda provides that voice.  The Youth Agenda enables young people to better understand what is happening around them so they can form their own opinions, talk about them, debate them and act upon them.

Born from a need for young people in Britain to be better understood by the people and institutions that matter, for their voices to be heard, and to provide understanding and debate of important national and local political issues which affect young people in Britain today.

Young people are all too often the forgotten demographic of British politics as business and older generations (with a greater voting clout) are favoured in policy decisions.

The Youth Agenda aims to not only give young people a voice in British politics, but also increase the awareness of how politics affects their lives on a daily basis; and, importantly, how they can affect the political make up of their own lives.

The Youth Agenda is unaffiliated with any specific political parties and at all times endeavours to provide a varied, informative and non-partisan perspective on issues affecting young people.  The number one priority of The Youth Agenda is to give young British people as much information, from differing perspectives as possible.

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