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The Youth Agenda invites readers to send in articles regarding political issues in their local communities across the UK.  All articles will be published in this section as long as they clearly abide by The Youth Agenda’s three principles*:

  • Articles must focus on a local political topic from the perspective of young people in the area, i.e. what the direct effects are on young people in the area
  • Articles must be non-partisan.  That is to say, the article must not take the side of any one political persuasion, but must represent multiple views on the subject
  • Articles must be impartial.  The author should try to take an objective stance and try to avoid putting over their opinion on the topic**

All articles should be sent to, accompanied by the author’s name, age, location and a brief explanation of why the topic was of interest to you.

*The Youth Agenda reserves the right not to publish any articles which may be deemed offensive.

** Any articles containing indirect quotes or official figures should be accompanied by links to the original evidence when submitted.

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